Valentine’s Day: Seven ways to celebrate a great Galentine’s Day!

There’s a whole day dedicated to love and romance, but there’s also a day devoted to celebrating a whole different kind of love: Galentine’s Day which celebrates the female friendships that women around the world ever depend on, through joy and heartache alike.

Originally made famous by Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation in 2010, 13 February’s Galentine’s Day each year is a day for friends to celebrate their bonds with their besties. It’s a great date to get together and do the activities that boyfriends and husbands don’t like so much – mostly because they’re not invited anyway!

Here are some great ideas for you and your friends to do together to celebrate in style…

  1.    Go shopping together! Set yourself a few challenges along the way, such as finding a particular dream item, or seeing who can find the best budget deals. Make sure that you buy each other a surprise gift along the way – it doesn’t have to be expensive, because it really is the thought that counts.
  2.    Take a class together – anything from art to archery, or from wine tasting to woodworking will do! The important thing is that you’ll be spending time together – and you could walk away with a new shared hobby too.
  3.    Now that restaurants, bars, and clubs are operating normally again, it’s a great opportunity to show them your support, and set up an evening out, sampling a course or cocktails at different establishments through the evening. Travelling together in a Bolt means you don’t have to worry about finding parking, and you’ll be dropped off right outside the chosen venue.
  4.    If you and your friends are animal lovers, spread the love even further by offering to walk the dogs at a local shelter. You’ll have the adoration of your furry friends and the warm fuzzy feeling of having helped – with the bonus of a bit of exercise in the mix as well.
  5.    If you can’t be together on the day, help your best friend out by taking care of lunch for her. Open a food delivery app like Bolt Food, and surprise her with a tasty meal from her favourite restaurant, delivered to her door.
  6. There’s nothing quite as fun as a night at the movies watching a ‘chick flick’. Luckily, Absa Rewards together with Nu Metro are offering customers 50% off movies at Nu Metro, and together with Bolt and Absa Rewards, Absa Rewards members can get as much as 30% cashback (depending on their tier) if they use the e-hailing service to watch ‘Marry Me’, starring Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson, and MALUMA. Remember that Bolt’s Women Only, Comfort and Premium categories connect you to a great trip experience – adding even more fun to the outing!
  7.    What would a girls’ celebration of friendship be without a spa day of some sort? If you’re keeping costs under control, get together at someone’s house, and have everyone contribute a pampering product and a snack to the occasion.

However you choose to celebrate your friends, Galentine’s Day rolls around just once a year. It’s on a Sunday in 2022, making it even more special, as you can spend the whole day with your friends, without having to think about heading off to work, wrangling the school run and extra murals, or taking care of other weekday worries.

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