Winter-Warmer Cocktails with Clark and Sons

Winter trends show us people tend to switch drinks according to seasons, from crisp and cold summer drinks to warmer and woody drinks in winter.

How do gin and vodka lovers, for example, still get to indulge in their favourite drinks during the cold winter season without forcing a glass of wine down their throats?

We may have found an answer, sticking to their ethos of providing consumers with mixer variants that pair perfectly with any local or imported spirit, Clark and Sons shares a few winter warmer cocktail ideas perfectly tailored to keep you warm this winter without changing your drink of choice.

Red and Ready Cinnamon Cocktail


Cinnamon infused syrup

Gin of choice

Clark and Sons pink tonic

Mix 1 / 2 shots of Gin with Clark and Sons pink tonic, add a slice of grapefruit and squeeze cinnamon infused syrup.

Cinnamon has warming natural properties and known as a super winter spice relieving colds and soothing hoarse throats. Yes, it’s a cinnamon syrup but all that flavour is still good for you.

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