Wouter Kellerman and Mzansi Youth Choir pay tribute to healthcare workers around the world

The struggles I’m facing

The chances I’m taking…

Just got to keep going

I gotta be strong

Just keep pushing…”

In their tribute to the Health Workers by Wouter Kellerman and the Soweto-based Mzansi Youth Choir, these lines from “The Climb” describe the character of the Health Workers worldwide. Despite the dangers, they are climbing very steep mountains to summit the top, but the next morning there is another and even higher mountain awaiting them…and then another.

To climb the Covid_19 mountain range requires endless immeasurable dedication, commitment,  courage and sacrifice.

They climb up treacherous rock faces and cross deep rivers to yet another mountain – still forging ahead every day, every week, a month, more months. They are the real heroes and conquerors.

Above your masks, your eyes project hope, determination, but also deep sadness and true empathy.  With our music and in Miley Cyrus’s words, we want to encourage you:

“Keep climbing

Keep the faith

It’s all about

The Climb….”

Ngiyabonga, uhambe kahle, siyakhuleka futhi siyabingelela – (Thank yougo well, we pray and salute you)

“We are so grateful for all the help we received in making this video – it’s unbelievable how people came together to help. A special thank you to Tessa Ford Post for sponsoring and editing the video, and all the sponsored footage we received,” Wouter Kellerman.

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