You can now tip petrol attendants and cashiers with Engen 1app and Telkom Pay

Telkom Financial Services and Engen are set to introduce a first-of-its kind feature designed for tipping petrol attendants and Quickshop cashiers at Engen service stations.

From 14 September 2021, the pioneering Engen 1app will feature a new “Tip an Attendant” function, which allows motorists and shoppers across South Africa to tip Engen staff for great service.

South Africans are generally known for being some of the friendliest people in the world and this couldn’t be truer when referring to friendly customer service from  staff at Engen service stations.

From freestyle Friday dance choreography that circulates regularly on social media, to readily helping change a tyre; Engen  petrol attendants have gained a reputation for being the epitome of South African spirit.

Many people regularly take to social media to share heart-warming stories of not only exceptional service at Engen, but also the warm welcome and endearing vibe received from these amazing frontline staff.

The  COVID-19 pandemic  has heightened hygiene protocols at service station level, with many customers moving towards cashless and contactless digital payment systems such as the groundbreaking Engen 1app. The new “Tip an Attendant” feature is a welcome introduction to the Engen 1app suite of functionality as it allows motorists and Quickshop customers to tip staff for their friendly and efficient service.

“I believe it’s a sentiment we all share as South Africans that we have some of the best petrol attendants in the country. We’ve seen many a story on social media or heard from a friend or family member about not only receiving excellent, world-class service at a local petrol station; but also, testimonies of attendants going above and beyond to lend a helping hand to customers and the public. We are thrilled to enable this feature alongside Engen. Central to both our brand missions is connecting people; and this collaboration is one that speaks to the core of this. We provide a universally accessible platform, Telkom Pay, through WhatsApp and the Engen 1app has been seamlessly integrated into customer’s digital payments ecosystem,” says Sibusiso Ngwenya, Managing Executive: Telkom Financial Services.

So how will “Tip an Attendant” work?

Engen petrol pump attendants and Quickshop cashiers will be assigned a lanyard with a QR code and number. They will be required to register for a Telkom Pay Wallet using the universally-accessible chat platform, WhatsApp and link their profile to their QR codes.

Once this is done, they can start receiving tips to their Telkom Pay wallets from customers paying them from the Engen 1app – which they can also use to shop and pay for their fuel.

For Engen to remain a compelling, top of mind destination for fuel and convenience shopping, the company maintains a firm focus on consistently invigorating the Engen brand and its associated offerings.

“Customer service and constant innovation are key drivers for Engen, which is why we are extremely excited to bring our customers ‘Tip an Attendant’ as a way to acknowledge our petrol attendants and Quickshop cashiers’ commitment to service excellence,” says Seelan Naidoo, Engen’s General Manager: Retail.

“Our vision is to extend the solution outside the Engen environment, enabling Engen customers to use the Engen 1app to tip anyone that provides great service,” adds Naidoo.

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